About Us


Providing a Unique Family Atmosphere

About us

Zat Application Idea

The idea of the Zat App emerged as a result of our upbringing and specialization in family businesses. We noticed that governance is an essential foundation for the prosperity of family businesses. True and sustainable governance is a culture adopted by the family, not just a set of formal documents to be celebrated when signed. This culture can only thrive in an environment characterized by family unity and happiness.

Here, the role of the Zat App comes into play in providing a unique family atmosphere, especially in a time where we are witnessing changes in the degrees of cohesion and harmony within the family across generations. Several reasons contribute to this, including not embracing contemporary methods of understanding and practicing family ties, a concept highly encouraged by our noble religion.

Additionally, the new generations are more open to societies where the centrality of the family and its values is not shared in our lives. If the family is negatively affected, our society is equally affected at the same level in its social and economic components. Therefore, the family and its values are a central focus in the Zat App. We aim to support and preserve it among family members at home, as well as promote and implement it as a concept in the workplace to enhance productivity, loyalty, and job satisfaction among employees in both private and public institutions.

About us

Our Dreams

Enhance the quality of life in our society through the concept of family happiness.

Promote kinship ties in our society and preserve our Arab-Islamic values.

Create a family atmosphere in workplaces to increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Support efforts to implement best governance practices among members of family businesses by enhancing family interaction and cohesion

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