Quality Of Life

Life has its goals, some of which are essential and others are secondary. People may differ in defining and identifying these goals, but what is universally agreed upon is that these goals cannot be achieved without some form of human collaboration. In this life, human cooperation must result in happiness. Happiness is a goal that collaborators in life aspire to, and at the same time, it facilitates their journey toward achieving their various goals. In other words, happiness is a human goal that people live for, and it is a fundamental requirement to attain their diverse objectives.

The family is the first and most important form of human collaboration, forming the fundamental building block of societies. Societies cannot effectively and efficiently reach their goals without happy families. Field studies have shown that happiness and health stem from good relationships. For instance, the longest-running field study conducted by Harvard University, which lasted for over 70 years and involved a detailed study of the lives of over 700 individuals, found that those who had stronger social connections with family, friends, and the community were happier, healthier, and lived longer than those with weaker connections. Happiness, health, and longevity are more closely associated with the quality of relationships than their quantity. This study substantiates the saying of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him: "Whoever would like his provision to be increased and his life to be extended, should maintain good family ties." In other words, preserving good social relationships, especially with relatives, where we can achieve relationship quality, positively impacts health and longevity. Good mental and physical health helps in achieving life goals, including building wealth and livelihood.

However, reaching a happy family is not an easy matter because achieving the quality of family relationships requires serious and continuous effort. Hence, the Zat App model emerged to help families achieve the quality of family relationships by enhancing and providing humane touches to their processes of social communication, events and activities.

Quality of life is about providing a strong infrastructure upon which various human life patterns can be built. Human cooperation in this life, using these patterns, produces renewed happiness. The importance of providing multiple life patterns and choices within those patterns lies in the fact that individuals and their formed entities are diverse in their goals and behaviors. Thus, offering a range of choices allows individuals the freedom to evaluate and select among them.

Therefore, the quality of life, which involves providing the causes of human happiness, is a fundamental goal that many societies aim for. It is one of the key indicators of measuring their level of prosperity. This aligns with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 in enhancing the quality of life for its citizens and residents by improving infrastructure, basic services, and providing a range of options and ways to enjoy life.

The quality of life has several metrics, with one of the most important being the level of happiness among its individuals. Scientific studies have shown that good relationships, especially within families, are what truly create happiness. This is in line with the teachings of our noble religion, which always emphasizes maintaining family ties. This family pattern, which is among various life patterns, is indeed what the Zat App focuses on and provides a range of choices for, whether at home, in work, or in the community, to suit the majority of tastes. Therefore, our philosophy for quality of life is built on the following model:

Quality of Life = Quality of Family Happiness
Quality of Family Happiness = Quality of Family Atmosphere
Quality of Family Atmosphere = Quality of Communication + Quality of Events + Quality of Activities
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